Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Our Easter weekend was pretty fantastic. This was our first Easter since moving and our first Easter that we weren't able to celebrate with all of our family, so it looked a little bit different than usual. Different, but still good. We are very happy and thankful that we have made some great friends here that included us in their celebrations.

We started Saturday morning at the park for the community egg hunt. It. Was. Crazy. There were so many kids in the 1 -3 age group! Way more than I was expecting for our little town. That had an area roped off with eggs, goodie bags, pinwheels and balls scattered around the grass. Amelia was pretty unconcerned with the eggs at first because she had her eyes on a pink ball that was semi-close to where we were standing. And she HAD to have it. 

We tried to explain that there were only a few ball out there and lots of kids that probably wanted them. We told her how she needed to run and try to be the first to grab it, but not to be disappointed if someone else got there first. When they yelled GO, she dropped her basket where she was standing and made a mad dash to that ball. She scooped it up first and hurried back to us, so proud of her prize.

After giving the ball to us for safe keeping she finally got around to picking up a few eggs. 

Examining her loot with daddy.

After the egg hunt was over (which took all of about 30 seconds) we hung around the park for a while so Amelia could play with her prized possession.

We may have a future soccer player on our hands. 

Saturday afternoon we were invited to our second egg hunt of the day in a nearby neighborhood. 

After the egg hunt we stayed in the neighborhood park and had a cookout with friends. It was so fun relaxing and meeting some new people while the kids ran around and burned off some of their sugar high. :)

That evening we joined friends for a Saturday night Easter service at their church and went out for an Easter dinner...of Chinese food. 

Since we celebrated and were so busy all day Saturday, we spent most of Sunday relaxing and ended the weekend with a picnic in the park. Amelia was dirty and exhausted and ready to call it a night, but we had a great time anyway.

It was a wonderful weekend full of friends and love and many blessings. 


  1. i still can't get over how nice the weather was for easter! looks like you had a fantastic day

  2. It looks like a beautiful weekend! I love that we can have a picnic amongst such beautiful trees here in Oregon! Thanks for linking up!