Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dear Amelia: Letter to my two year old.

Dear Amelia,

Today my girl, you are two. Wonderful, amazing, energetic two. You have always had a big, expressive personality, but with each passing day you are becoming a bigger version of you. You feel and express yourself with your entire being. Through you I see the purest kind of joy and the truest form of love.

You love to entertain and dance and perform. You are funny and intelligent and self-confident. Monkeys and dragons are your favorite animals. You love trains and dinosaurs, sparkly shoes and baby dolls. You think you are much older than you are. You are daring, but cautious. You always look both ways before crossing a street.

Curious George is your favorite cartoon. Chocolate milk and grapes are your snack of choice. You love bath time, but despise washing your hair. You watch me intently, doing things as I do. But you want to do everything yourself. 

You love to wrestle with Sullivan, and pick on Suki. Kisses are your favorite, but only if they are your idea. You go to bed easily and sleep all night, but hate to take naps. Your hair is wild and untamable. You love to laugh. You are adventurous.

3 is your favorite number and you tell people that's how old you are. You trust completely and love jumping into my arms. It does not occur to you that I wouldn't catch you. You are silly and loving. You are impatient and get frustrated easily, unfortunately I think you get that from me. 

You like things that are little and cute, especially baby animals and bugs. You love snow and you love the beach. You are kind and you like to share. You are curious and ask lots of questions. You are opinionated and strong. You think momma kisses can heal any wound.

You are bigger and more wonderful each day. Your face is changing and you are growing taller, but I still see the tiny infant I held in my arms. I am so thankful for the past year and so incredibly excited to find out what the year of the 2's will bring. 

You bless my life more than you will ever know. I love you oh so much, my sweet, sweet girl.

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