Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Month in Moments. March 2014

Wow. The beginning of March seems like a REALLY long time ago. It was a busy month full of activity and friends and a trip home to see family. Here is some moments from our month.

* I started out March with one of my favorite things, talking books with friends at our monthly meeting of The Ladies Who Brunch Book Club. We discussed The Snow Child and Little Bee and brunched at MAURICE. You can read my review of Little Bee for [In]Complete Magazine, here
*Amelia stared speech therapy once a week where she is having a great time and already making improvements in her articulation. Bonus: speech class gets out down the street from Sonic in the middle of Happy Hour. :)

* I attended the MOMS Club Mardi Gras fundraiser party where we raised money for Random Kindness.
* Oregon springtime brought us days of rain showers and sunshine. 
* David and I took advantage of a Parents Night Out at Amelia's preschool and went out for a date night at Mahers Pub.
* I attended a Portland Bloggers Meetup at Cyril's at Clay Pigeon Winery, where we had delicious hour devours and the most fantastic wines.
* I worked on a TON of custom orders for Hey Normal Day Shop.
* I'm training for a half marathon in May, so Amelia and I used the sunny afternoons to get our miles in and walk to parks around town.

* I used my time in the preschool pick up line to to finish up a good book.
* We had a fun game night with friends with lots of food and fun and little girls who got to stay up way past their bedtime. 
* We squeezed in another round of The Ladies Who Brunch Book Club where we discussed Lean In by Sheryl Strandberg and brunched at Meriwether's Restaurant and Skyline Farm.
* We went out for a family dinner to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

* Amelia and I traveled to Oklahoma for two weeks to visit all of our friends and family back home. 

* Amelia embraced her inner farm girl.

* We had park time with PawPaw.
* We had pedicures with Grams. (This was Amelia's first pedi and she LOVED it!)
* We traveled to Stillwater to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Hodson and see aunts and uncles. And of course we went to Hideaway. If you're from Oklahoma you know this was a must. If you're not, just know it's legendary pizza and fried mushrooms famous to our little college town.
* I went with my sister-in-law and brothers-in-law to a local college dive we all used to frequent. A trip down memory lane is always a good idea.

* While is Stillwater we met up with friends from college and their kids to go bowling. 
* We took Amelia to the Oklahoma State campus. It was pouring that day so we didn't get to explore outside much but we did go to the Student Union, where Amelia decided that all the college kids were, "so cool!"
* Amelia soaked in lots of cuddles with Grandma and Grandpa Hodson.

* We went to the Shrine Circus where Amelia got to ride an elephant and camel with her cousins. 

* Amelia went fishing for the first time with Pop. They didn't catch a fish that day but she thought playing with worms was pretty awesome.

* We had park time with Grams.
* We watched trains with PawPaw.
* We enjoyed the most gorgeous sunset on the last night of our trip.

* We went to Lego Land with Grams for one last adventure before boarding a plane back to Portland. 

March was so full and busy, but in the best way possible. I'm continuously grateful for the beautiful place we live, the opportunities before us and the for the depth of family and friends in our lives. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Month in Moments. February 2014

February was a full month for us. We all had very busy schedules, but nature intervened and insisted we take a few days off to slow down, enjoy each other and the beauty of winter. We had a lovely month. Here are a few of the highlights. 

*We started off the month by watching the Super Bowl. I cared approximately 0% who won, but we did have yummy snacks and drinks, which is always the best part anyway. :)
*I went out for a moms night out with the local MOMS Club. 

*Oregon got hit by it's biggest snowfall since 2008. 
*I made fun of everyone for overreacting and then got snowed into my apartment for 4 days. 
*But it was pretty and I made cinnamon rolls so it was okay. 

*Amelia LOVED playing in the snow and we even ran into her good friend while we were out exploring.

*Amelia had her 6 month dental check up and did great. Still holding strong in the No Cavity Club.
*I had really great intentions of making super cute, homemade valentines for Amelia's school party. Buuuut, I didn't. Turns out she liked the ones from the store more anyway. :)
*I ended up being sick on Valentine's Day, but still had fun with my favorite little Valentine who kept telling me how much she was loved and loved me. 
*Amelia had her first "sleepover." We watched her little friend Arden while her parents went out. The girls played games, ate snacks and watched a movie before falling asleep entirely too late. I couldn't help but feel like I was simultaneously watching the slumber parties of my past and her future.  

*Spring is just around the corner and the rains have begun. But Amelia doesn't mind because she loves her rain jacket and dinosaur rain boots. 
*We took a trip the Portland Children's Museum with friends.
*Amelia and I continued our Friday afternoon Starbucks lady dates. 
*After a couple of months of being entirely too lazy, I jumped back into my Barre3 online workouts. 

*Amelia spent all day being a Ninja Turtle and impressing me with her ninja moves.

*And then changed out of her ninja gear and into a dress and ruffles for the Daddy Daughter Dance. 
*Amelia and David double dated with friends to the dance and even went out to a fancy dinner at McDonald's beforehand. They were pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen. 

Thank you February, you were indeed a month filled with love. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

That time it snowed in Portland.

So. A few weeks ago it snowed in Portland and I completely forgot to post pictures. But, an event of this rarity deserves to be documented!

The forecast predicted 1-5" of inches of snowfall. Being from Oklahoma where snow and ice storms are the norm, it didn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

Well. It turned out that Portland got hit by Winter Storm Orion and received it's largest snowfall since 2008. I'm not sure of the official snowfall totals, but in my area we had around 11-12".  We ended up getting snowed into the house (which is at the top of 4 steep hills) for 4 days.

The enormous snowflakes coating the valley and neighboring mountains were simply stunning. We enjoyed 3 days of playing in the snow, warming up by the fire and and then doing it all again.

By the end of day 4 we were all going a bit stir crazy and cabin fever had definitely set in. We escaped to go out for a quick dinner but had trouble getting back up the hills in our neighborhood.

The snow was definitely pretty while it lasted and I'm happy that we were here to experience the Oregon "Snowmaggedon." 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Month in Moments: January 2014.

Just as it always does, time has been passing quickly. Somehow it is not only 2014, we are already a full month into the new year. We had a pretty fantastic January, packed with friends and a visit from family. We tried new things, started new endeavors and watched our little one grow.

Here are some of the highlights of our month.

*We spent lots of cold evenings by the fire.
*We made our first, but definitely not last, trip to Pip's Original Doughnuts for the most delicious little mini doughnuts.
*I met my friend Rebeka's adorable daughter Cameron, born on Jan 1, 2014, just shortly after the new year began.
*We spent just about every Friday night having fun with family game night.

*Vine Gogh wine and painting night with my friend Salena. 

*I had a very relaxing yoga night out with my MOMS Club friends.
*Amelia and I enjoyed a trip to the Portland Children's Museum and playdates in the park with friends. 
*I started a really fun and inspiring collaboration with [IN]Complete Magazine. Hey Normal Day Shop is contributing the handlettering for the magazine's weekly Words to Live By Wednesday series. 

*My mom (Grams) came to visit for a week of fun that included lots of hanging out, playing with and spoiling Amelia, and eating lots of good food. 
*David and I took Grams up on her offer to babysit and went out for a date night at the delicious Spanish tapas restaurant, Toro Bravo, where we enjoyed the chef's tasting menu. 
*I went to my first meeting of the newly formed Ladies Who Brunch Book Club. We brunched at Jam on Hawthorne and selected our first book, The Snow Child. 

*Amelia, just demonstrating her awesomeness.
*MOMS Club playdate fun with friends. 

*And to round out the month, maybe one of my favorite pictures ever of Amelia.  :)

2014, you've been good to us so far. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear Amelia. Letter to my 3 1/2 year old.

My dearest Amelia,

My darling girl, you are 3 1/2. On the far side of toddler, and on your way to little girl.

Year 3 has been good to us so far. We are in a really great place right now and I think 3 1/2 may just be my favorite age yet.

You are my tiny companion, so fun and so entertaining. We travel through our days, often hand in hand, experiencing everything together. I treasure these days of togetherness.

You tell me I am your best friend and you will keep me forever and forever. You ask, "Will you keep me forever and forever too, mama?" "Forever and forever and always and then some more," I answer. You smile and sigh and say, "Yeah, I know."

You are in preschool two days a week for two and half hours each day. You LOVE school and are so excited to go every day. This makes my heart happy and I hope that you always feel this way about school and learning. Your teacher is Teacher Tina and you think she hung the moon. You come home each day with stories of what you did, who you played with (usually Isaiah), and most importantly what you had for snacktime and whether or not you got to go outside for recess.

You are so smart and clever and witty. I'm constantly surprised with how bright you are. You're still having some issues with pronunciation and articulation of words, so we have started down the road of speech therapy for some help. I have every confidence you will attack this challenge with the enthusiasm you do all things.

You are feisty. You love excitement and adventure, exploring the forests for dinosaurs, and running through the house in your superhero undies. You prefer dragons over princesses and Buzz Lightyear over Barbie.

You love to help and take pride in doing your "helping jobs" around the house.

Our days have been extremely pleasant lately. You are growing up and becoming reasonable and polite and understanding. The crying and tantrums are fewer as you grow out of toddlerhood, and it's rare that you are ever in trouble. This is new territory for all of us and I can tell that we are on the verge of big changes.

I put you in your bed every night and as you snuggle down into the covers you say, "Stay for five minutes mama?" And then we hold hands while you drift into your dreams. You usually wake sometime in the night and come to my bed. You crawl over me and mold your little body against mine. If I wake before you in the morning, I try to lay still as I hang halfway off the bed because your tiny self is taking up the rest of it. I breathe in your smell and think how much I will miss this when we enter a new phase and the middle of the night visits stop.

It's such a bittersweet thing, the passing of phases. But I sure am loving the one we are in right now.

Amelia, I am so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. I love being your mama more than anything else in the entire world.

All my love to you, my sweet sweet girl.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

November - December Photo Dump

There's just something about the last couple months of the year. The changing of the seasons, the shortening of the days, the busyness of the holidays. It's by far my favorite time of the year.

I love the excitement and the bustle. But for whatever reason, the past couple of months have felt particularly crazy. In an attempt to fight off that craziness, I decided to take a step back and try to slow myself down as the final days of the year drew closer.

I turned down some social engagements, eliminated non-critical items from my to-do list, lightened expectations on myself and focused on being present over perfect. This also included not feeling obligated to blog all of our activities.

We had a lovely November and December. They were full of friends and fun, family outings and holiday celebrations. This is my end of the year iphone photo dump to document the past couple of months.

We had a wonderful holiday season and have been enjoying some family down time while David is off work and Amelia is out of school. There is so much to look forward to in 2014 and I am so excited to see where the year takes us!